Courses just for you

Manageable classes for appropriate learning purposes, Accessibility to facilitators, students assisted with internship placement after completion of program, empowered with writing and presentation skills.

Administration and Financial

Bookkeeping, Office Administration, Financial Accounting, Technical Financial Accounting

Corporate Training

Learning and development professionals and corporate trainers

Information Technology

National Certificate Information Technology:
End User computing, System support, Systems development, Technical support

Nated Engineering Studies

National Accredited Technical Education Diploma in Chemical Engineering including Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering which are aligned to CADD.

Research Proposal Writing

A research proposal,  research project, generally in the sciences or academia, and request for sponsorship of that research.

CDD Courses

Professional Course on Mechanical CADD, AutoCAD 2D (Introduction to 3D CAD, Plan, and utilizing a 2D drafting device).

Employee Skills Training

Transferable skills needed by an individual to make them 'employable'.

Nated Business Studies

National Accredited Technical Education Diploma in Edu Care, Tourism, Public Management Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management

Public Service Education &Training

Public Service Education &Training Authority Qualification.The Fundamentals of Public Administration.Basic Principles of the three Spheres of government of South Africa.

University Tutorial Classes

CTA & Undergraduate Management Sciences & Engineering Modules

institutions that have accredited us


To nurture and groom selfless leaders as stewards who contribute towards advancing their families, communities, corporate and public institutions to greater heights.


To create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development and appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles.

our values

Business Goals

To empower young school leavers, employees and owners of small businesses with the appropriate skills for continuous development.

Business objectives

To promote skill inclined programmes that addresses the need of small businesses through the appropriate utilization of human capital.

core values

Commitment, Respect, Excellence, Accountability and Diversity

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